About Restaurant

About Us

The Pilsner restaurant U Reinerů is situated in the Palackého sady Park in the historic centre of the town of Písek.


Restaurant capacity
200 seats
Separate room
60 people
Outside garden seating
80 seats



We Offer

  • Czech and Old Bohemian Cuisine
  • Game Feasts
  • Pig Killing Feasts
  • Company Meals
  • Company Events
  • Family Celebrations
  • Wedding Banquets
  • Smorgasbords
  • Catering for Tour Groups
  • Rental of Private Room
  • Video Projection of Sporting Events


Restaurace U Reinerů in the building formerly
known as "U Jasana" was established in the year 1844.
artwork on the wall
Since its inception it has been an important cultural
and social site. The poet Adolf Heyduk lived in the building
and Mikoláš Aleš, Fráňa Šrámek and Jan Neruda were
some of the famous visitors of the time.
We are also trying to continue this rich history now
as well. Our guests have included Václav Havel,
Václav Klaus, Miloš Zeman and many other personalities
of the political, cultural and sporting world.
visit of the President